Strengthening Dialogue and Public Voice

Prospects for a New Higher-Education Publication in the Arab World

London, May 2012 - In May of 2012, the Alexandria Trust convened a workshop in Cairo with a wide variety of thought leaders, from countries ranging from Bahrain to Morocco, to discuss the prospects for a new regional higher-education publication for the Arab world. The workshop was also aimed at discovering key higher-education issues that such a publication might cover and debates that the publication might help to shape.

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Participants discussed the challenges facing higher education in the region; the need for reform and the hunger to share ideas and information; the role and importance of journalism education in higher education; and the potential for value of a publication dedicated to unbiased, credible news coverage, commentary and analysis about university life in the Arab world.

The workshop included presentations from experts on each of these topics and concluded with a discussion about the proposed publication: what it should seek to achieve, how it should be constructed and managed, and how it could best reach and respond to the needs of its target audience, the higher-education community in the region.

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