BISC launches drive to sponsor Trust’s Arabic translation project

London, 14 April 2015 – The British International School, Cairo (BISC) has launched an appeal to the BISC community to support the work of the Alexandria Trust by sponsoring the translation of seminal academic texts into Arabic.

The texts are a new, high quality collection of critical analyses of very famous works across 14 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. They will be part of an all-new library currently being developed in English by the Trust's sister organisation, Macat International.

BISC Principal Simon O’Grady has called on the school community, as individuals, groups or those at the corporate level, to support the work of the Trust by sponsoring the translation and publication of famous academic works into Arabic.

“This is our chance to make history and give a legacy to thousands of readers in the region,” O’Grady said.

BISC is the first school in the world to support the work of the Trust. Two Sixth Form students – Mourad El Sherei and Mostafa Kamel – have devoted much time to this project, under O’Grady’s guidance, as part of their service work. The two students will be writing an article on their role in the project for the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) World Student Magazine.

O’Grady will be promoting the Trust’s work at the upcoming COBIS conference in London in May 2015

Earlier this year, Emirati scholar and art enthusiast Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi launched the translation project by committing to support the Arabic translation of the first two titles from the library.

The Trust’s translation initiative aims to give access to learning and knowledge hitherto denied to those whose only language is Arabic. The initiative lies at the heart of improving the life chances of young Arabs and contributing to their ability to gain qualifications, develop their critical thinking abilities and secure the region’s human capital for the future.