Trust participates in conference on translation across the Mediterranean

Cairo, 10 November 2014 – At a conference organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation in collaboration with Transeuropéennes and Doum Cultural Foundation, David French, Advisor to the Trust's Chair and Board, joined more than 60 writers, translators and publishers from 17 countries to discuss ways by which to promote translation between Arabic and European languages.

The conference is the final step within a broader programme initiated in 2010 and which resulted in the publication of “Mapping Translation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region”.

It aims to promote and highlight the outcomes and state of play of the programme in order to formulate the bases for a Euro-Med translations programme; to share recommendations for a new regional co-operation policy designed with a multilateral approach in mind; to identify possible solutions through a consultative process, involving civil society, translators and publishers; and finally to identify the needs of civil society in the field of translation.