Alexandria Trust issues new publication

Alexandria, 14 February 2014 – The Alexandria Trust has issued a new publication titled "Reflections on Education" following a special evening at the Royal Society in London last November in honour of Professor Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria.

During the evening, Serageldin delivered interesting remarks on the topic of education and the renewal of the Arab World. His remarks constitute the first part of the new publication, under the title "On education and the future of the Arab World". It covers partly what has been going on in the Arab World since the Arab Spring, and observations on the role of education in Arab renewal, and the manner in which education is changing globally at the present time.

Many of the author's ideas on the transformation of education and the changing role of the university that he touches upon in the first part of the publication, are more carefully articulated in a manuscript he had prepared on the global university, which is also included in this volume under the title "Tomorrow's Universities and the Seven Pillars of the Knowledge Revolution".

The volume also includes a brief biographical profile of the author and short introductory statements about the Alexandria Trust and Macat.

In issuing this publication, the Alexandria Trust seeks to advance the cause of education in the Arab world.